My Pingo

Last year my wife’s family came to visit us in Austin for Thanksgiving. During their time here my father in law and I had a conversation about my mother in law’s new found coloring book obsession. What had caught our attention was that despite the fact that Kari (my mother in law) had her iPad Pro in tow, she still brought a small arsenal of coloring pencils and gel pens with her on the trip. To her dismay at the time there were no REAL coloring apps available in Apple’s AppStore. The ones that were available were all what are known as “Tap-and-Fill”, which is exactly what you might imagine the moniker to mean. A user taps an area to designate a fill color.

One doesn’t need to look very hard to find that the coloring book craze has momentum and so out of our conversation My Pingo began to form.


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